Tin Roof Bistro

We are a fun and energetic team. All for one, and one for all!" Manny, Runner-&-Star Soccer Player @ Tin Roof Bistro
Friendship, loyalty, support, great ambiance, laughs, are only a few words that describe what working at Tin Roof Bistro is about. Above all, it's about family. It isn't hard to leave home when you know you're leaving one family just to come to another one. Bienvenido ala familia Tin Roof Bistro" Jhon Super-Star-&-Server @ Tin Roof Bistro MB
I will do whatever it takes to make Tin Roof Bistro our guests' favorite hangout." - Mike Simms
Our staff members are the lifeblood of the restaurant. They give it a heartbeat, a pulse. They bring it to life and make it live. Without them, we don't exist" Arthur J. Simms


Because there are 4 core ingredients in beer, it is only fitting that we should choose 4 core values for our company. It is the wise man who refrains from messing up the perfect recipe.

#1 People First
(from the guest, to the person who takes out the garbage) (people achieve more by working in groups = teamwork) (if you want to
learn, you will grow with us)

#2 Serious Passion

  • love FOOD
  • live SERVICE
  • drink fermented beverages with FERVOR
  • learn something new everyday
#3 Positive Energy
  • picture of mood swings with red “no” stamp through
  • making money and having fun are not mutually exclusive
  • The difference between can and cannot are only three letters. Three letters that determine your life's direction.
#4 Deliver What We Promise
  • stretch this one step further: over–deliver & exceed expectations
  • what we do and what we say are in sync
  • take responsibility
  • do the right thing even when no one else is looking


Our Promise to you:
Tin Roof Bistro's promises to be guided by its Four Core Values even as we change and grow.
Tin Roof Bistro promises to provide you with the training, tools & support you need to be successful in your work here.
Tin Roof Bistro's promises to provide a fun work environment, that is structured, organized, fair and transparent.
Tin Roof Bistro's promises to provide growth opportunities for all team members who prove themselves.
And since this is a two-way street...
Your Promise to Us:
I will bring my best self to work as scheduled.
I will make every effort to integrate the Tin Roof Bistro Four Core Values into my worklife.
I will keep in mind that creating fun is sometimes hard work.



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