Tin Roof Bistro

Tin Roof Bistro Wine Locker Program

Benefits to all Wine Locker Program Members:

As a testament to our commitment to wine, the community of wine and all our loyal guests, we are pleased to offer a wine locker program for those looking to take their wine drinking or collecting to a new level. You will find outlined below our three tier program. In efforts to capture and entice all levels of “oenophiles” and wine lovers alike, we have developed a program, of which we hope suits you. While each tier group has varying benefits, we have a collection of attractive benefits for all members.

Tier 1 – Pulse

This level is designed for those that enjoy wines of quality at high value and low cost. The wines featured in this program will often include our favorite wines poured by the glass as well other value driven, hand selected, quality tasted and tested gems. This program will begin to fill your locker with wines that fit the bill, but don’t break the bank. Your collection will grow with interesting varietal variations, up and coming or not yet recognized wines, and wines with balance and integrity. You locker will be loaded with approximately two bottles per month at an average retail value of $75 for the month.

Tier 2 – Under the Radar


Our Getting Serious membership is an exciting opportunity for those that have committed to a wine interest and are ready to begin collecting but don’t know where to start…or simply do not have the time. This membership will take you on a proverbial exploration of some of the finest wine houses in the world. Notable producers, great vintages, classic regions and up-and-coming stars will begin to take residence in your locker. The Getting Serious Membership will pay dividends of two bottles per month and always with wine of status and stature. The estimated retail value of these hand selected gems is $175.00.

Tier 3 – Big Kahuna–

We are proud and excited to offer a rare and unique membership to nine of our most invested oenophiles, wine enthusiasts and collectors. With this offering we hope to share in some of the most limited and allocated wines in the market today. This deluxe membership will keep your collection in good health, not only with the classic wines of the world but with those in which best suit your style and preference. We hope to create a personal relationship with you in efforts to fill your locker with all those hard-to-find and excessively priced collector’s items you continue to seek. This membership will place two bottles per month in your locker with an estimated retail value of $275 per month. This membership will have priority on all allocated wines offered to Tin Roof Bistro as well as our services to seek out and attain those certain wines you seek. This is the ultimate vein for collectors and advocates alike to amass a star studded collection which you can enjoy for years to come.